Some Frequently Asked Questions

by Businesses Interested in a Wellness Program


Can Achieve Health USA customize a wellness program for my business?  We want to have semi-annual health fairs but do not need any other services.  Can you help us?

Yes, Achieve Health USA develops each wellness program based upon your needs.


My business only has 8 employees and we do not have a budget for this service.  How can I incorporate a wellness program with my employees?

This is a question asked by many small businesses.  Achieve Health USA can tailor a program to your business’ needs and, in some cases, at no cost to you.  We recommend you fill out the no obligation Wellness Proposal and let us show you your options.


My company employs over 500,000 employees and is in 17 states.  Can Achieve Health USA handle our needs?

The answer is YES.  We offer the largest wellness program in the world and have some of America’s top Fortune 500 companies working with us.  We currently work with companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Visa, Western Union, Lowes, and many others.


FAQ by Residential Fitness Complexes


What kind of facilities use your fitness and wellness services?

We work with a wide range of facilities such as Apartment Complexes, Lofts, Condominiums, Senior Centers, Recreation Centers, and more.  Fill out the FREE Wellness Proposal for more information.


FAQ by Individuals Interested in Signing Up for Wellness Services


Can I sign up for any of your wellness services as a individual?

Achieve Health USA is a complete mobile fitness and wellness organization and can provide individuals our services in most  locations.  Call or email us today for more information.


What services do you offer?

Go to our List of Services for more information.


General Questions


What is the Achieve Health USA Network?

The Achieve Health USA Network is a network of independent fitness business owners who provide our services to the world.  They go through an application process, screening, complete training, and consistent on-going training.  You will have a local representative who will work directly with you and provide your business the services you need and are looking for.


What about insurance?

Each Achieve Health USA Licensing Owner has to carry his/her own insurance policy to provide you the peace of mind you deserve.  Do not chance going with the small guy!

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